PR trends to watch

PR trends to watch

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The modern world of public relations (PR) involves more facets of contributing to the success of organizations. Emphasis within businesses upon inclusive factors has resulted in PR practitioners being increasingly valuable as customers hold brands they affiliate with more accountable.

Here are PR trends we see evolving:

Companies rely more upon PR practitioners to blend the art and science of communication to address needs of an organization.

Storytelling is having a continued emphasis. Consumers want a glimpse behind the curtain of companies with stories of the people making the products, raw materials sources within the supply chain, what companies are doing for their communities and more. It is not enough to say what you are doing; you have to demonstrate worth in order to be believed.

PR is more of an extension of the core functions of an organization, whether recommending paid marketing efforts or contributing to the customer experience journey.

PR team members are helping achieve the desired return on investment for companies and clients by synchronizing messaging companies can follow toward their goals.

PR practitioners help ensure the chief executive officer (CEO) remains accountable to internal stakeholders and external customers. Sharp CEOs will realize the worth of relying upon the communication leaders in their midst to provide assets showing leaders understand the pulse and sentiments of shareholders and are truly considering employees as stakeholders. Demonstrating shared value with employees builds a successful corporate culture and encourages associates to contribute to the success of their employer.

Keeping up with emerging technology to be everywhere your customers expect you to be is key. Customers want to be able to conduct the same business from their office or the phone in the palm of their hand wherever and whenever the mood hits them.

Hard data to demonstrate impact is replacing blanket statements about your product, worth and customers.

Worldwide collaboration is becoming the norm. Business affiliates throughout the globe can be communicated with easily with assistance from online platforms.

Companies will continue to provide and amplify their profiles regarding ESG (environmental, social and governance), CSR (corporate social responsibility) and JEDAI (justice, equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion) and similar versions of these programs.

The pandemic has shown money is important, but not everything to employees. Communication leaders can be a catalyst in helping ensure greater occupational fulfillment for teammates.

Communication professionals can guide leaders on relating to key media members to ensure a united, informed front. A leader’s curt “no comment” response is insufficient compared to explaining the company has a policy of not discussing legal matters in process and looks forward to a resolution.

PR representatives can lead the way in communicating empathy. Instead of frustrating clients further by solely mentioning a product is out of stock, ask for continued patience, acknowledge supply chain issues, provide anticipated availability and share alternative choices to show you are doing the best you can to please customers.

All these trends depict the important role PR continues to play in successful corporate communication.