Is Being “Invincible” Holding You Back?

Is Being “Invincible” Holding You Back?

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Do we ever really learn from others’ mistakes or do we really have to live through the same experience?

We all have thought we were invincible at some point in our lives and a small part of us may still think we are. On occasion, the sobering idea of actually being human nudges us into reality. Sometimes it’s a higher power letting us know, or our bodies don’t cooperate the way we planned.

Young children have unwavering confidence. They have very little life experience and that shields them from the knowledge of the possible consequences. I look at Lindsey Lohan and see that child; defiant, scared and lost. There can be great insight in being lost, as long as you don’t intend to live there as your permanent address. The high of fame balanced by depression and prescription drugs is a hard pill to swallow. I hope Lohan can gain insight into her motivations and get a hold on where she wants to go. She lost focus on the things that matter by letting her emotions run her. We all fall into that trap. After all, we are human.

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