The Art of Blogging.

The Art of Blogging.

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Blogs are a great way for businesses to communicate and exchange ideas with customers, colleagues and competitors. It’s a booming platform. Anyone with an Internet connection can participate. And, many are giving it a shot.

Wired said nine blogs are created every minute and 2.3 content updates occur every second.

Unfortunately, the platform is plagued with high mortality rates. Countless abandoned blogs are littering the landscape of the internet. As one Perseus report mentions, 66 percent of blogs analyzed had not been updated in two months. The average blog surveyed was active for less than five months.

To be noticed, companies should consider certain tips for blogging to be successful. Take a crack at it…

1. Frequency is key. Readers will lose interest if content is not updated regularly.

2. Knowledge is a must. Bloggers are most successful when they speak from experience. Readers that are knowledgeable themselves about a subject will know if the writer is a novice.

3. Company blogs should contribute information pertaining to their industry AND participate in the conversation on other outlets—not just their own blog. Relationships are difficult, if not impossible to maintain.

4. Blogging is a long-term investment. Companies should perceive their blog as an ongoing outlet for two-way communication with stakeholders. Results do not happen immediately. Being there and being present is half of the battle.

5. Perception is everything. Bloggers need to write well for their readers. Usage of good writing mechanics and grammar skills; appropriate, easy-to-read design, and appropriate voice and messaging will make the writer more credible as well as offer a better experience for the reader.