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prescription for Healthcare's

Healthcare Branding and Marketing

In the Healthcare industry, it's not business,
as usual, anymore.

The healthcare industry in all its aspects has never been more important. Baker Creative offers extensive experience from holistic marketing to human resources branding to keep your company top of mind among both B2B and consumer audiences.
What used to be a physician-centric, volume-based industry is now a patient-driven, quality-based environment.
• 48% of prospective patients took two weeks to research healthcare providers before making an appointment (source: Google Complete Hospital Stay).
• 94% of patient decisions were based on the reputation of the facility
• 51% were based on recommendations from friends
• When patients see a treatment center's paid online advertisement, 28% follow up with a search for more information, 38% visit the advertiser's Website and 36% then consider visiting that treatment center.
Baker Creative offers the branding strategy and digital media expertise to increase positive awareness of your facility and create meaningful, lasting connections between your prospective or current patients and your physicians. We also have HR strategists and trainers to help support your overall effort to improve patient retention rates and improve revenue. Along the way, you create a unified, highly satisfactory patient experience that they will be happy to tell their friends about.