Virginia Oil and Gas Association (VOGA) goal was to educate and inform the public of the value of Natual gas

Even though fracking has been going on for 40+ years, public opinion and support of fracking have drastically declined. The industry has been dealing with non-peaceful protests against property owners, gas providers and the industry as a whole. There is increasing pressure on politicians to improve tighter regulations. The public overall has received mixed information from various media outlets, online resources and extreme groups/individuals. There are some websites that are drowned out by a very loud online group that is leveraging PR and social media to communicate their messages. Basically, the industry has strong reputation management and brand problem. Many people in the industry are unsure how to handle the backlash of public reactions both online and offline. Virginia Oil and Gas Association (VOGA) is looking to create a positive presence online to educate the audience who is mainly on the fence.


This strategy allowed VOGA to maintain a positive image in the community and be an industry leader. SEO has increased by 150%. Prior to the campaign, VOGA’s web presence in Google was at the very bottom of page three. It did not even show up under typical key search terms. We crafted informative messaging and dialog to educate our target audiences. We received positive engagement, inquiries and dialog on our social media platforms immediately. We stayed top of mind on our social media efforts. We have had students and professionals inquire about education and thanked us for our support in various communities. This improved public sentiments by our goal of 20%.

Overall, it took two months to see the positive results online. Our education efforts align with VOGA’s and its audience’s core values to educate the public so they can make an informed choice.

Currently, there have been no local protests or violent acts against VOGA. The political support has been higher than ever before. Many industry groups expressed an interest to join our campaign online and educate communities in their area. Our campaigns will unite the industry and provide companies an opportunity to build the positive sentiment of the industry and allow natural gas to grow as a positive clean energy resource in the United States.