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Kingy’s Pizza’s goal: Educate and build trust with existing customers and employee base in the face of a new competitor entering the market.

Kingy’s Pizza Pub suffered a devastating blow when tragedy struck the local eatery. Baker Creative was appointed to facilitate crisis management to minimize potential damage.

Baker Creative developed custom strategies identifying areas of opportunity in public relations, media relations, social media and crisis management. Responding within 45 minutes of the crisis, Baker Creative released a statement to the media making the 6 p.m. main headline news. Throughout the campaign, the Kingy’s brand interacted instantaneously via social media with their customers and answered questions to help clear up any misinformation or confusion.

As a result, despite adversity, Kingy’s Pizza Pub emerged as an industry leader dedicated to honesty, integrity and family fun. Twenty confirmed media mentions communicated Kingy’s story with an audience of more than 1.5 million people over the course of the campaign. The damage was greatly minimized allowing the eatery to grow despite setbacks.

Award-winning campaign: