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Jiffy Group’s goal: Educate and build awareness of the brand in a new market. Looking to gain foot traffic and sales leads from the event.


The Jiffy Group was unclear why their competitors were gaining more of the market share. They were looking to expand in the US market. It was in a new location where there was little to none brand recognition and awareness. Existing audiences viewed the brand of 20 years ago and were not aware of the new products and client solutions. The Jiffy Group had invented new products set to launch globally in the upcoming year along with a new factory opening in the US.

The Jiffy Group also was looking to move aggressively into the food market. They wanted to have new audiences understand who, what and how Jiffy can make a difference for their target audiences. The client wanted traffic and sales as a result of the campaign.

Baker Creative performed qualitative and quantitative research to gather relevant research to help get to the heart of what was blocking their ability to reach their business goals. We utilized rich insights, key messaging and designed a creative strategy to not only provide the “why behind the buy or not to buy” along with an actionable strategy. We have created many campaign videos that have been shown in the top food and product shows from the USA to Milan, Italy to Germany. Our creative created the right positive buzz to take them to the next level globally. We crafted key messaging that resonated with audiences authentically to drive real change in their business. We won several international and national awards for marketing effectiveness.

As a result, the company has experienced a large bump in growth, immediate sales far exceeding expectations and overcrowding at the event. We were able to attract new customers and educate its core value to shift customer perception.

Award-winning campaign: