Retailer Beats Big Competition To Boost Sales

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Buehler’s Fresh Foods goal: Steady boost in significant growth in the face of closing a few stores.

The grocer had to shutter a few store locations. Buehler’s was trying to rebound and grow in a hypercompetitive marketplace. This mid-sized grocery chain was competing for the same demographics and revenue as its larger competitors while lacking brand awareness. They wanted to attract new audiences to strengthen the store’s brand position.

Baker Creative reached out to new audiences by leveraging food trends, shopping behaviors, compelling content, influencers and a creative approach. We addressed the inconsistent customer experience. Our campaign repositioned the brand to resonate with key influencers, corporate partners, stakeholders, reporters and media outlets. Our targeted outreach and events have even inspired local media outlets to adopt our Grow Local events.

As a result, the company had experienced a large bump in growth, despite closing a few locations. We were able to retain customers, improve the customer experience and educate its core value to shift customer perception. Our efforts had exceeded client expectations to drive revenue by 20% in six short months.

Award-winning campaign:

What we had accomplished in 6 short months: