Annalee Sekulic

Annalee Sekulic

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Cultural Anthropologist Specialist and Researcher

Annalee is a behavioral health communication and data analyst affiliated with the Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities and AmeriCorps, plus website and social media liaison for the Society of Ethnobiology. She previously was a laboratory assistant for The Ohio State University Department of Anthropology and data manager for Ancient Socioecological Systems in Oman. Annalee participated in anthropology projects led by the University of Montana and is a Community Refugee & Immigration Services High School mentor.

Education: Annalee is a cum laude graduate of The Ohio State University, earning a bachelor’s degree in public policy analysis from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs with a minor in Middle Eastern studies, as well as a bachelor’s degree in anthropology with a research distinction as the College of Arts and Sciences anthropology undergraduate of the year. She is fluent in English, Russian and Finnish and proficient in basic Croatian and Spanish.

Functional responsibility: Research, focus groups, data analysis, surveys