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The College Edition on How to be Professional on Social Media.

In high school, putting illegal or inappropriate things on your Facebook could get you in trouble with your parents or even the school. As you graduate and move out of your parents’ house, there will be a lot more freedom and very few rules being held over your head.

We Love Columbus!

  Columbus has always been a great city and with a population of around 920,000 people, it is growing every day! We have so many things to do here for a variety of people. Whether you are a family looking for a Saturday activity

Keeping the Planet a Little Healthier with Some TLC.

Many people out there are becoming “green”. What does that mean exactly? Baker Creative has become a certified Wildlife Habitat and we love seeing the different creatures that come across the property.

Top Nine Free Apps for College Students at Your Fingertips.

It is back to school time! Kids are packing up and returning to their everyday lifestyle of professors and game days. For the new college students, it means adapting to a new environment and trying to figure out what they need to do to make their future successful.

Is Social Media Changing the Face of Politics?

Presidential Elections aren't exactly the first place you look when searching for the latest technological advances. In general, we tend to see a great deal of "old hat" philosophy from both campaigns and voters alike. However, the 2008 Presidential Election took things to an entirely new level.

Why Do Social Media Bios Matter?

Branding yourself or your company is key online. Your audience is unfamiliar with what you do and who you are. How you decide to define that can make the difference between being found or being part of the sea of content easily ignored.

Social Media Helps Remedy Organ Donation Crisis

Organ donation awareness and communication is a big problem in the United States. An ABC News Exclusive announced the launch of a new Facebook tool that may help remedy the situation. The new application allows members to share their donor status via the life events option on their Facebook profiles. If the member is not […]

Social Media Trend Report.

The new year has arrived and many media outlets have reported top social media trends to pay attention to. Here is a recap of some of our favorites: What is clearly important? Beverly Macy of The Huffington Post says