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How Has Working Remotely Changed Performance Management?

We could all certainly agree the workplace has changed significantly as a result of the pandemic. The opportunity to manage by walking around and physically observing employees at work is largely gone. But have the basic concepts of managing employee performance changed? Not really. What has changed is the means by which you as a […]

Are You Ready for Employees to Return to the Workplace?

Many employers are looking to return employees to the workplace. Yet the pandemic continues to spiral out of control. There is widespread COVID fatigue not only for individuals but for employers. Everyone would like to see a return to normal. However, uncertainty continues to be the norm for 2020 and we need to prepare ourselves […]

Covid 19- To Return Or Not To Return to the office

Last year, as we approached 2020, it seemed everyone was utilizing some wordplay twist to focus on “vision” and “20/20” in their branding. We know very well now just how 2020 has presented unexpected challenges beyond any prior visions – pun intended — for the year. The expression “hindsight is 2020” has become a reality.

Communication During the Time of COVID-19

Even as businesses are slowly reopening or bringing their employees back to the office as our nation gradually revives, many businesses are still wondering how to clearly communicate during this time. When we first started dealing with the effects of COVID-19, many thought this would be a quick and fairly easy effort. Businesses would be […]

Companies can help turn the tide of the growing number of COVID-19 cases

Company support for the COVID-19 vaccine is crucial to slowing the spread of this pandemic Even while researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to find a vaccine to help immunize Americans against COVID-19 in an effort to return the country to some state of normalcy, it is critical that companies support vaccine adoption.

Leadership Training for Gen Y & Beyond.

We have all heard that Generation Y is a new breed of employees. They are used to a fast-paced world and are up-to-date on the latest technology. Knowledge of the internet allows them to find information in a split second and connect to almost anyone around the world.

Using Twitter as a Job Board.

Twitter is a great tool for searching for jobs. Here are some quick steps on how to set one up. Step 1: Log into your Twitter account. If you do not have one you can set one up at Twitter.com Step 2: Go into the advanced search

Tips to Manage Workplace Toxicity.

Cliques, cattiness, gossip, backstabbing, lack of trust…Do any of these unpleasant experiences remind you of where you work? Toxic work environments can make your life a living nightmare. No one wants to be unhappy

A Few More Tips for the Job Searcher.

As a business owner, I am sometimes amazed when I interview people for open positions. I would like to give some tips I have come across of what not to do. • When a potential employer calls for an interview